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Best Merchant Services Providers for Small Businesses

In this guide we review three of the most popular credit card processing companies and give you our pick for the best merchant services.

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Latest Merchant Service Articles

Should Your Small Business Accept Credit Cards?

Even as point-of-sale technologies change, credit cards remain a ubiquitous form of payment. Most consumers carry at least one card to pay for planned or impulse purchases, and they expect businesses to accept plastic as a matter of course. For a small business owner,...

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Do Merchant Codes Help or Hurt Your Credit Card Rewards?

Credit card companies offer a number of rewards that will put cash back into your pocket or help you save for a vacation that’s paid with points. These programs have many benefits, but they are also confusing. If you’ve ever purchased gas at the store down...

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Credit Card Fraud: Liability and Payments

Credit cards provide consumers with a fast and convenient method for making payments. However, the problem of fraud is serious, and some credit card customers may wonder who is liable for the payments in the event of credit card fraud. Although it is true that the...

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Money Troubles? A Merchant Cash Advance Can Help

You are having a few financial difficulties with your small business, and you are concerned that you may not be able to pay your employees next month. You have heard of the “merchant cash advance,” and you think it might be the answer to your problems. Before you look...

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